Why I started a blog?

Actually, I already have a blog. 2 blogs actually. The first one i made when I was in High School as an assignment. And the 2nd blog, i made in 2012. I want to re-access one of them, but I forgot the email and the password. So, here I am, started a new blog as I wish this will be better than the old ones.

At first, I want to share things like my experiences, my thoughts or some other things via video and start a channel in Youtube. However, I realize that I am not good at talking in front of camera for so long. I do like taking video and photos, but vlogging? That’s not my thing, I guess. Since vlogging is not really me, so i decided to just write down every thing I want to share. And, blogging is a good idea.

Making a first step is really really hard. I kept saying “Ok, tomorrow I’ll register and make a new blog”. But, then I felt like, what am I going to write then? Over and over I just visited the WordPress page and still not pressing the button. Until, today, FINALLY I pressed it, and Voila! Here is my very first post on my new blog, MY NEW COMMITMENT!

So, I hope, this isn’t my first and last post. Even though, right now I don’t have any idea of what I am going to write next, yet.


p.s : if my English has so many error, please let me know. You can write your comment bellow, or just email me (see my contact).